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We are a staffing company with an obsession to find the best candidate or the best job out there that fits you and your organizational growth. On top of that, we provide wide range of cutting edge tech services.

    Fly High

    With us you will always get the best resources, who are very much competent to cope up with today’s drastic and demanding changes. For candidates who are looking for opportunities, we can put you in the best place where you can showcase all your feathers.

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    Global Service

    We operate throughout United States and we also have our operations in emerging markets. SACServ also serves clients with technical requirements all over the world. We have specialized team for Cloud Migration and DevOps adoption across different time zones.

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    Managed Services

    SACServ provides managed services for DevOps, Cloud Migration, Cloud Security, DevSecops, Application Migration, Data Analytics. We have a truly mature team, who has 360-degree knowledge of IT services. We believe in the “Hire and forget” policy, we will take complete ownership.

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    SACServ BENefits

    Professionals for Professionals

    we believe in transformation

    We believe in the caterpillar who has the capability to transform into a butterfly, we believe with the right 

    tools and right association people organizations can realize their true potential. 

    We are your trusted partner for your elevating journey.

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    Best of SACServ

    Hundreds of companies & individuals works with SACServ

    We have a excellent track record when it comes to Staffing and permanent placements. We have already emerged as one of the best service providers in the tech market.

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    Our Services

    We provide you high quality services

    We are specialized in recruitment and Tech solutions. Our services range from regular temporary Staffing and permanent placements to Inhouse, Professionals, and Global Businesses.

    Staffing & Placement

    We provides assistance to organizations and individual job seekers related to employment. We arrange trainings and bootcamps to brushup skills. All the companies and candidates coming from us are verified.

    Data management

    We manage data  by ingesting, storing and organizing , data which was created and collected by your company, securely and efficiently. This also includes data related to background verification.

    Cloud Operations

    We have immense experience when it comes to cloud services. From migration to architecting on cloud, our team is cloud agnostic and multi cloud experts. Training is also an important aspect in out cloud journey.

    DevOps & Security

    In this dynamic world, technology is changing very fast. To help you reduce the time to market we provide consultancy services related to InfoSec and rapid integration and deployment.

    Datacenter Services

    We provide hosting and datacenter services for companies whose main focus is on data security. An unique offering for clients not willing to put their data cannot on cloud.

    Development Service

    Client-focused, customer-centric and goal oriented solutions ranging from mobile apps to websites. Our focus is to add value to our clients through cutting edge software solutions.

    Workflow for staffing

    Our process is rigorously tested.

    Staffing is a continuous process of finding, selecting,  evaluating and developing human resources. And we take this very seriously, our process is well tested which shows in the results we achieved.


    Screening & Selection

    This is the phase where we screen and select candidates. Please note this phase is independent from client’s selection process, this is SACServ internal process.

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    Training & Development

    We train and develop skills for selected candidates, if required. This  is a great opportunity for candidates who needs to brush up their skills.

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    Placement & Orientation

    This is the part where we put candidates on the job for which they were selected. We have tie ups with some industry leaders and they rely on us for their recruitment.

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    SACServ skills

    Staffing & IT Consulting Services

    We provide clients with huge pool of resources using today’s social platforms and advanced tools. We have access to wide range of tools both latest and traditional, using which we have successfully closed the knowledge-gap. Be it candidates or organizations looking to hire, we can help you.

    Staffing and HR Management
    Web Designer 99%
    Cloud Optimization & Consulting
    Web Designer 85%
    IT Solutioning & Automation
    Web Designer 80%

    Client Testimonials

    What our valuable clients

    think about us 


    Jahangir Alam

    SACServ assisted me in landing my dream job. They arranged training for me as I was moving to another domain which was of great help. 


    Alexandra Czranowzki

    They reduced my cloud cost by 45%. They also made sure my applications are highly available. I would love to work with them again.


    Ayshe Sundman

    We were in need for a DevOps Engineer and SACServ got one for us who saved us the project. The client was very satisfied with the outcome and contract was extended.


    Mariano Henderson

    SACServ’s process of background verification was very effective. They helped us to hire the right candidate for the job. Thanks team for your assistance and support.

    You can read all testimonials from testimonials page.

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